Circle of Security Parenting Program

Circle of Security Parenting is an 8-week parenting program based on building a strong relationship with your children.

It is designed to help parents:

· learn how to respond to your child’s needs by enhancing your connection

· give children a feeling of security and confidence so they can explore, learn, grow and build positive relationships

· set limits and understand your  child’s emotional world.

Join parents just like you who want to learn a simple way to strengthen their parent-child relationship.

The program begins Tuesday, August 9th and runs every Tuesday from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Program is held in the Aspen Room at 120 Wedgewood Drive, Lincoln, NE 68510

Cost is $240. 

The program is open to the public. LOAs and referrals from DHHS are also accepted.

To register, please contact St. Monica's Admissions at 402-441-3768.

For More Information, contact Coral Frazell at 402-441-3768, ext. 210