March 29, 2019


The Best Part is How the Community Comes Together!


The year 2018 marked our 13th anniversary of hosting the most amazing fundraiser – its goal: to help the women we serve feel they are worth their recovery. Since its creation in 2005 St. Monica’s Amazing Chase has evolved – committees have gotten more and more creative, more volunteers and teams join the fun, more people contribute financially and word of this exciting chase spreads far and wide.


The Amazing Chase brings the community together in numerous ways. Raising money via bake sales or carwashes (last year the top team raised $5,000), volunteering and being a chaser during the event are just some of the ways that Lincoln turns out for this fun fundraiser. Local businesses also help by providing locations for the Chase, lunch and food for the volunteers and prizes for all the teams.


Amazing Chase is “run” by corporate sponsored teams. Committees of volunteers chase down creative, silly, fun and sometimes mind-boggling activities for the contestant teams. To win, the teams compete in various challenges in the categories of brains, brawn, beauty, and belly. Some of past challenges have been - building a bridge out of toothpicks and marshmallows; eating an entire box of Kashi cereal and then making flip flops out of the Kashi box and duct tape; going through a tricky obstacle course at Defy Gravity; naming the missing elements in the periodic table; and face-painting an emoji on a team member’s face.


We are so thankful to Lincoln for coming together over the years to help St. Monica’s provide life changing recovery so women in our community so they too, can chase their dreams.



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