The gift of her son this Christmas - Nicole's Story

August 8, 2018

Nicole, who has been living at Project Mother & Child and working hard to be reunited with her son as part of her recovery, wrote this note to her counselor in the days before Christmas: “Thanks to the strength, hope and joy in myself and this program, I was rewarded with my son returning to my care by Christmas. I could not have done this without St. Monica’s and my faith.


“The day I was in court with so much support and confidence, my pastor (whose church I also found during my program), left a message of prayer for me, not knowing what I was doing that day. He said these words: ‘I pray for strength, hope and joy.'


Strength: I did it myself.

Hope: I was hopeful for the outcome.

Joy: I was joyous in the outcome.


“My feelings as I write this are of elated emotions, healthy happiness, joy and blessings. Thank you!”




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