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Amy: 'Clean and sober, happy and hopeful'

I was an IV drug user. If I wouldn’t have entered the arms of St. Monica’s, I surely would have continued on a road to destruction. You taught me that there are many ways to express myself without hurting myself or others.

 My greatest memory from St. Monica’s is of being reunited with my mother. She is now part of my life again and one of my biggest supporters. I now have a relationship with family and friends who at one time did not trust me. I am clean and sober, happy and hopeful. And I am now a productive member of society. I want to tell you that I appreciate all you did for me throughout my stay at St. Monica’s.” 

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Each woman facing addiction has her own story to tell. No two are alike, but they all have something in common: No one can manage recovery alone.

For 50 years, St. Monica’s has been helping women overcome addiction, trauma and mental illness. As part of our yearlong celebration, we are sharing 50 stories of success and inspiration from women who have achieved lasting recovery. We’ll share a new story every week, so check back often.

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Note: All names are pseudonyms to protect client confidentiality.

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