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Together, we can continue to help women overcome some of life’s most challenging struggles, helping them live better, healthier lives.


Please donate today to help us provide life-changing recovery for women. 

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While our focus is providing treatment for women with behavioral health issues, the women we serve experience a multitude of complex social issues. In addition to treating substance use disorders and mental illness, issues like homelessness, domestic violence and poverty are continually intersecting. Of the women we serve 98% report having experienced trauma in their lives.


In fiscal year 2021-2022, St. Monica’s served 251 women in one or more of our seven programs. They ranged in age between 1 years old to 69 years old with an average age of 32 years old.


Individuals with behavioral health issues often have a challenging time maintaining employment. With limited or no advanced education, the jobs our women can secure pay minimum wage with no benefits. Of the women we served in 2021/2022, 74% were unemployed at admission with 80% earning less than $10,000 annually.


Earning power also impacts access to safe and affordable housing. Of the women we served last year 45% reported having dealt with homelessness, residing in a shelter, or in a treatment/recovery institution with no permanent housing in place.


How to Give
1. Click here to donate online now.


2. Special Projects

You may designate your gift as an honor, memorial or tribute. If you have an idea of how you'd like to make a special impact on the lives of the women we serve, call Caitlin Williams at (402) 441-3768 to discuss the many opportunities available at St. Monica's.


3. Give by check
You may also give with a check made payable to St. Monica's. Please send contributions to the address below. Thank you!


St. Monica's

120 Wedgewood Drive
Lincoln, NE 68510-2431

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