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With your support, we can help women overcome some of life’s most challenging struggles and live better, healthier lives.


Your donation today provides life-changing recovery for women.

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Because addiction is a part of every family’s story, St. Monica’s plays a vital role in the lives of women and their children across Nebraska.


We know that women in recovery provide infinite value to themselves, their family, their friends, their vocation, and our entire community, both now and for generations to come. 


St. Monica’s is the only local, gender-specific substance abuse treatment program serving women and their children. We offer seven different substance abuse treatment programs, including inpatient, outpatient, and transitional housing.


Who we serve by the numbers

The average age of our clients was 32, with clients up to 60 years of age

100% of women in our community lived below the poverty line upon admission with the top earning level of $20,000 per year - 3% 

98% experienced significant trauma before admission

82% had a high school or higher level of education

Each client received an average of 35 hours a week of therapeutic and support services, which, during an average stay of 92 days = 460 hours per client 

No woman is turned away based on inability to pay.


St. Monica’s relies on the support of donors like YOU to keep our doors open. Thank you for giving today!


How to Give
1. Click here to donate online now.


2. Honor another with your donation

You may designate your gift in honor of or in memory of another person or organizatio


3. Give by check
You may also give with a check made payable to St. Monica's. Please send contributions to the address below. Thank you!


St. Monica's

120 Wedgewood Drive
Lincoln, NE 68510-2431

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