St. Monica's

120 Wedgewood Drive

Lincoln, NE 68510

Phone: 402.441.3768

Fax: 402.441.3770

Toll Free: 866.836.2667

Admissions: 402.441.3756



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Funded by United Way and Region V


Looking to Help?

There are many volunteer opportunities available at St. Monica's such as painting, yard work and item drives. We operate six residential homes that serve approximately 250 women and their children each year. Additionally, our administrative office serves as the program headquarters where women attend classes and meet with their counselors. Whatever your interest, we can match you to a task that will enrich the experience of the families living at St. Monica's.


Our volunteer needs change from day to day. Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Valerie Murphy, at (402) 441-3768, or email her at, to discuss volunteer opportunities.


Another way to get involved is become a friend of St. Monica's.