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See the future of St. Monica's. Make your donation today.

When we provide space for healing, she’ll take flight. 

We currently serve over 275 women each year. By reaching the remainder of our goal, $2.7 million, we will be able to continue to provide quality care with needed renovations at our current locations, as well as be able to increase our capacity with the addition of the Victory Park campus, in the following ways:

  • 8 more families in Project Mother and Child

  • 16-20 additional women in Therapeutic Community

  • 4-6 more families in Step Down Supported Housing

  • 15 additional women in Step Down Housing, Affirming Women's Empowerment (AWE) 


Every donation makes a difference.

She’s someone’s mother, daughter, sister, neighbor,
or friend


Make room for recovery. Show support. Give hope.

Thank you for being a part of St. Monica’s story – the one where women take flight. Together, we can raise spirits and support dreams. 

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