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About Amazing Chase

St. Monica’s Amazing Chase

St. Monica’s Amazing Chase (inspired by The Amazing Race reality TV series) is a fundraiser when teams embark on a trek around town in Lincoln, Nebraska.


At every destination, each team must compete in a series of challenges, some mental and some physical, and only when the tasks are completed will they learn of their next location. 

The first team to arrive at the final destination wins bragging rights. All teams win the great feeling of supporting St. Monica’s life changing recovery for women. 

Sign Up Your Team

Gather your talented friends! Each team of four must designate one member to each of these roles:

     1)  Beauty: the creative 
     2)  Belly: the fearless eater
     3)  Brain: the genius
     4)  Brawn: the bodybuilder


Team members will be responsible for completing the challenge activity assigned to their designated role. The rest of the activities will be team challenges that everyone participates in, all of which are creatively designed by a committee of volunteers.

Note: Each team member must sign a liability waiver and the member designated as the driver must submit proof of their driver’s license.


Register Your Team

How the Fundraising Works

Since the Amazing Chase is a fundraiser, it is in the best interest of your team to RAISE FUNDS! Not only does the money raised go to help women at St. Monica’s, it may also give your team the upper hand.

Raising funds can help your team in two ways:

1)   The amount raised by each team determines your start time. An early start is a great advantage against your competitors.

2)   Teams can earn up to two “mulligans” depending on how much they raise.

A mulligan can be used in case your team gets stumped to save time and make the challenge easier.

Get creative! Funds can be raised in whatever way best fits you. Post a flyer at your office, host a bake sale, or simply asking people works great too.


Social media is an effective tool to reach those who live further away. There are plenty of ways for people to donate – cash, check, online or by phone – the sky is the limit for you and your team!

Amazing Chase Fundraising Site

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