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Woman’s Best Friend

Our New Team Member Brings the Best Kind of Puppy Love

Buddy is all but eight months old and already making a big hairy impact. The English Retriever joins English Springer Spaniel mix Greta as one of two comfort dogs on St. Monica’s team, and he’s proven to be a perfect provider of our core mission: bringing love, light and compassion to the women we serve.

With hopes of becoming an official therapy dog by spring 2019, Buddy has started sitting in on sessions to practice his obedience and prepare for the K9 Good Citizen Test. When fully-trained, he’ll use the empathy and sensitivity he learned to seek out situations at St. Monica’s where his puppy love is needed.

So far Buddy, who “loves to be loved on,” has lightened up rooms, bringing laughter and smiles to those facing some of life’s toughest battles. He basks in playtime, while helping women reduce anxiety. We look forward to this puppy continuing to bring friendship and love to those who need it most – truly a woman’s best friend!

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