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55 Year Campaign Exceeds Goal

“The small wins, the tiny triumphs, the everyday victories – celebrate them, they will take you there.”- Anonymous

In celebration of providing life changing recovery for women for 55 years, we launched a giving campaign to raise $55,000 to help even more.

Thanks to our big-hearted donors, we raised $64,690 through the campaign – that’s nearly $10,000 over our goal. And, that’s not all we have celebrate.

All funds raised will go toward providing a safe place for women to come and get well – to make positive changes, gain new skills and discover strengths.

Dollars raised will be used to support these types of things for women during their recovery:

  • 294 tanks of gas to take women to doctor visits, meetings and therapy sessions

  • 64 weeks of groceries for one of our residential programs

  • 30 months of gas, electric and water utilities in one of our treatment facilities for one month

  • 605 days of childcare for children of mothers in our Project Mother and Child Program

Thank you to everyone who helped make this campaign such a success. Here’s to another 55 years of empowering women be the best they can be for today and moving forward – helping them celebrate the small wins, the tiny triumphs and the everyday victories.


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