They showed me how to 'do' life - Brenda's Story

Brenda came to St. Monica’s 14 years ago, facing indictment on drug charges. “To be honest, I was so scared,” Brenda says. “But St. Monica’s accepted me, and my journey, my new life, began. The staff and counselors loved and guided me until I could love myself. They very gently and patiently showed me how to ‘do’ life.”

After two months in treatment for her addictions, Brenda surrendered to federal authorities and spent the next two years in prison. “St. Monica’s helped me prepare for that and come to accept that I needed to pay my debt to society.”

Two years later, she was released and, in her words, “given another chance at life.” She earned an associate degree and has a career in home health care. Her daughter is planning for college next fall. She is active in her church.

“I have been able to create a new past now ~ 14 years that has been the most rewarding, sweet life I could have ever imagined,” Brenda says today. “St. Monica’s continues to be a huge part of my life and my recovery.”

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