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Debbie's Story

It took decades to overcome childhood trauma and generational addiction for Debbie. Pregnant at 38, her choice was St. Monica’s or jail. Upon admission to Project Mother & Child, Debbie heard what she couldn’t believe for herself. “St. Monica’s staff said they would love me until I could love myself.”

“St. Monica’s was home for me.” Inspired after completing treatment, Debbie gives back. One of 13 current staff who graduated from St. Monica’s programs. Her lived experience and formal education make her the perfect fit for her clinical management position. “At St. Monica’s, we hold our client's hands while they walk through it. We meet them where they’re at.” Debbie does that while dealing with the mental health and addiction crisis perpetuated by the pandemic. As a result, peer to Peer programming is booming. Debbie’s an expert. She represented St. Monica’s cutting-edge therapeutic approach as a speaker at the International Peer Support Conference in October.

What motivates Debbie to keep doing the hard work? “These ladies make me do better every day. I get to work with women to build healthy relationships, give them a voice, and empower them to believe they are worthy of moving forward.”


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