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St. Monica's showed me a new way of life - Judy's Story

“My life was completely unmanageable. I had no job, I was addicted to meth, I was in an abusive relationship, my child was out of control and needed professional help with his mental illness, my family could barely stand being around me, and we became homeless because I wasn’t paying my bills. With the help of St. Monica’s caring staff, I was able to feel safe, build self-confidence, learn new parenting techniques, get away from my abuser, and start my life over.

“St. Monica’s showed me a new way of life. I made a lot of new friends, and we all found that we could spend countless hours together having fun while being clean and sober. Still to this day, we talk and spend time together. I became employed, learned the signs for whether or not a relationship is healthy, and practiced plenty of coping skills that I carry to this day.

“I am sincerely grateful for the programs available at St. Monica’s. Without you, I probably would not be alive today. Thank you!”


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