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I'm just so proud of my mom - Keenan's Story

Keenan was 15 when her mom, Lisa, came to St. Monica’s for her oxycodone addiction. The entire family got involved in family counseling as part of Lisa’s treatment. “It really helped us learn how to talk more openly,” Keenan says, noting that before, the family didn’t know how to talk about problems without getting into a huge argument. “Instead of fighting, now we can encourage each another to use our coping skills.

”Lisa now spends time with all three of her children at the end of each day to share their successes and problems. She has taught Keenan and her siblings not to use the word can’t ~ that they can do anything they put their minds to. Acting as their best example, Lisa is currently working two jobs and going to school.

“I really look up to to my mom,” Keenan says today. “I’m just so proud of her.”


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