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Proud to be a St. Monica's girl - Paula's Story

It has been decades since Paula lived at St. Monica’s, but she remembers it well:

“I will always be proud to be a ‘St. Monica’s girl.’

“St. Monica’s opened their doors to me and saved my life. My life was in shambles. I had lost everything – job, home, family. I felt so fragile, so unworthy of being treated with respect and love.

“During my stay at St. Monica’s, I learned about personal discipline. I learned that discipline meant freedom. I began to respect myself and to set healthy boundaries. I learned how to live a life free of alcohol and drugs.

“The love, support and caring I received at St. Monica’s was an awesome gift.

“The doctor who examined me when I was admitted to the treatment center was present when I graduated. He said that when he first examined me that he didn’t think there was anything left. Talk about miracles!”


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