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Springer Spaniel Safekeeper

Our Comfort Puppy Brings Positivity and Peace of Mind

Greta, a 22-month-old English Springer Spaniel mix, is another passionate and caring woman on St. Monica’s staff. Joining our second comfort dog, English Retriever Buddy, Greta is a loving and empowering team player for our women. She helps them overcome life’s most challenging struggles and move forward to live healthier, better lives.

On her path to becoming Good Citizen Trained, Greta has swiftly become an invaluable source of sunshine and entertainment at St. Monica’s. Whether she’s running and sliding across the floor, chasing her tail or playing with her toys, Greta adores being silly and soaking in all the cuddles, hugs, and love the women give her. She’s been a shoulder to cry on and a cheerleader to celebrate with, always shining a light through the big, bright smile she showcases every time she’s pet.

Greta also gives our women an additional opportunity for responsibility through caring for her, feeding her and helping her get exercise. The puppy returns the favor as the sun goes down, providing safety and security by barking when someone new comes to the door or in the house. Women have remarked on the extra comfort she brings, helping everyone sleep more soundly knowing there’s an extra security guard on staff. She just happens to be super soft and cuddly, too.


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