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Taking Flight - St. Monica’s Rebrand Story

A prominent resource for women in Nebraska, St. Monica’s is able to reach its helping hand farther and wider with a new brand focused on empowering women to feel they are worth their recovery.

Research among staff, alumni and supporters provided insights for the new tagline, “Life Changing Recovery for Women.” St. Monica’s has proven to be a safe place for women and their families to make positive changes, gain new skills and discover strengths through gender-specific and trauma-informed care. Its team of passionate, caring women are an influential force helping the women they serve overcome some of life’s most challenging struggles while helping them live better, healthier lives.

St. Monica’s new logo, tagline and branding allow the organization to tell its story more effectively to create a deeper connection with potential donors and women served, while fostering an enlivened, positive, and empowered culture internally. St. Monica’s rebrand accentuates the great work achieved throughout half a century while cementing a foundation that will take flight into the future.


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