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The word's best job is also the hardest

Circle of Security Parenting is an 8-week parenting program based on building a strong relationship with your children. 

It is designed to help parents:

Learn how to respond to your child's needs by enhancing your connection.

Give c...

Shopping small helps us all! On May 18 when you shop at participating women-owned local businesses, they give a percentage of sales to us. Shopping has never felt so good.

Through gender-specific, trauma-informed care, St. Monica’s provides

a safe place for women to come...

The Best Part is How the Community Comes Together!

The year 2018 marked our 13th anniversary of hosting the most amazing fundraiser – its goal: to help the women we serve feel they are worth their recovery. Since its creation in 2005 St. Monica’s Amazing Chase has evolv...

“The small wins, the tiny triumphs, the everyday victories – celebrate them, they will take you there.”- Anonymous

In celebration of providing life changing recovery for women for 55 years, we launched a giving campaign to raise $55,000 to help even more. 

Thanks to our...

Our Comfort Puppy Brings Positivity and Peace of Mind

Greta, a 22-month-old English Springer Spaniel mix, is another passionate and caring woman on St. Monica’s staff. Joining our second comfort dog, English Retriever Buddy, Greta is a loving and empowering team player...

Our New Team Member Brings the Best Kind of Puppy Love 

Buddy is all but eight months old and already making a big hairy impact. The English Retriever joins English Springer Spaniel mix Greta as one of two comfort dogs on St. Monica’s team, and he’s proven to be a perfe...

A prominent resource for women in Nebraska, St. Monica’s is able to reach its helping hand farther and wider with a new brand focused on empowering women to feel they are worth their recovery. 

Research among staff, alumni and supporters provided insights for the new ta...

Brenda came to St. Monica’s 14 years ago, facing indictment on drug charges.
“To be honest, I was so scared,” Brenda says. “But St. Monica’s accepted me, and my journey, my new life, began. The staff and counselors loved and guided me until I could love myself. They ve...

“I had been severely addicted to meth for 13 years. I was referred to St. Monica’s by a friend who had also completed the program and was sure it could work for me as well. I had tried getting clean twice before, with no luck. It wasn’t until my youngest daughter was r...

Keenan was 15 when her mom, Lisa, came to St. Monica’s for her oxycodone addiction. The entire family got involved in family counseling as part of Lisa’s treatment. “It really helped us learn how to talk more openly,” Keenan says, noting that before, the family didn’t...

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